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Training tailored to suit your individual needs

Sometimes the best way to tackle a challenge is with someone by your side. This is what I provide with my coaching, taking you through a process of evolution step by step. We leave nothing unanswered and you will finish the sessions confident in knowing that you are more than capable of creating a better life for yourself.

Everything you need to know:

What's included:

  • Two one-on-one sessions

  • Identification of problems

  • Goal establishment

  • Personalised implementation plan

  • Follow up phone support

  • Full access to the online course

  • 12 months of email support

  • Private FB group membership

Topics covered:

1.  Why we become stuck

2.  The importance of mindset

3.  Practicing new habits

4.  What is important to you?

5.  Effective goal setting

6.  Developing a plan

7.  Navigating the path

8.  Implementing your new skills

How it works:

Once you sign up, we organise a suitable time for your coaching sessions. We can meet in person or via video conference and talk about what you hope to achieve.


From there we work together to highlight obstacles, work out what your goals are, and create a plan. I help you prioritise tasks and make sure you stay on track towards achieving your best life.

Benefits of coaching:

-  Sometimes we find it difficult to see the source of a problem. It can take a new perspective to spot issues and figure out a way forward.

-  Even though a solution might seem obvious or simple, it helps to have someone who can  get you started, figure out priorities and provide accountability and support.

What happens next?


then waste no more time and sign up below so we can organise a date to get you on the road to a whole new you!

COST: $600

Professional Mental Wellness Coaching with Michelle Diederich
Mindfull Sessions With Michelle Diederich

Special Offer:

Receive 25% off the cost of group training if purchased along with individual coaching

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