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My coaching philosophy integrates various methodologies to cater to my clients' diverse needs. These include Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC), Acceptance and Commitment Coaching (ACC), and practices promoting somatic awareness and neurodiversity-affirming spaces.

I'm committed to providing culturally responsive care that adheres to anti-oppressive practices and trauma-informed principles.

My approach also encompasses harm reduction techniques and sex-positive and gender-affirming care, all underpinned by a fundamental belief in radical inclusion.


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with a complimentary 15-minute session.

My practice integrates evidence-based, holistic wellness, and inclusive healing practices while upholding the highest standards of mental health care.

This includes strict HIPAA compliance, accountability, and a commitment to referring clients to additional resources when necessary.

Whether you're interested in exploring cognitive behavioral coaching, somatic awareness, tailored coaching focusing on neurodiversity, Acceptance, or any of my other methodologies, I invite you to connect with me.

Let's discuss how we can tailor this transformative experience to meet your needs. Schedule your complimentary session today and take the first step towards a more fulfilled, empowered self.

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