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I'm Michelle, a seasoned neurodiverse affirming coach with over 16 years of professional experience, backed by a degree in psychology and specialized training in neurodiversity. As a wife and mother in a spectrum family, my personal experiences with spectrum sensibilities  have deeply shaped my approach to mental wellness coaching.

Living with ADHD, Dyscalculia, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Synesthesia gives me a unique perspective on the world, enriching my professional practice and enabling me to connect with clients in meaningful, empathetic ways.

This blend of personal insight, academic knowledge, and extensive experience is the foundation of my coaching journey—dedicated to celebrating and supporting neurodiversity in all its forms.

My ADHD is a wellspring of boundless energy and creativity. It's like having a turbocharged brain that's always generating innovative ideas and fresh perspectives, empowering me to think differently and solve problems in unconventional ways.

Dyscalculia, though often challenging, is another superpower in disguise. It has honed my ability to approach numerical challenges creatively, allowing me to accept my limitations find solutions that are out of the ordinary and uniquely effective.

Sensory Processing means I experience the world in high definition. My senses pick up more details than usual, pattern recognition and color painting my everyday experiences with a rich and intense palette. This heightened perception brings depth and nuance to everything I encounter.  Staying grounded in my body allows me to manage this.

Synesthesia adds an extraordinary layer to my sensory experience, merging senses in a magical way. Where sounds have colors, and numbers evoke tangible sensations, it transforms my world into an interconnected dance of sensory experiences.

This is who I am – an individual with a dynamic, multi-dimensional perspective on life, dedicated commitment to mental wellness coaching, education and continued training. I embrace these traits not as limitations, but as unique gifts that provide me with extraordinary insights and a deeply enriched understanding of the world around me. This is my experience.

  • Professional Achievements:

    • Over 16 years of experience of coaching, complemented by a B.S. in Psychology from Columbus University.

    • Holds a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

    • Presented at the ICF Coaching Week last year, showcasing the AgileBrain assessment contributions to the coaching community.

    • Specialized in Clean Language Coaching.

    • AgileBrain Master Practitioner and Coach.

    • Group facilitator- Mental Wellness Cohort

  • Clientele Served:

    • Clients from leading companies like Meta, Google, Tesla, Pixar, NASA, Virgin, and Chevron.

    • Parents supporting young neurodiverse family

    • First Responders

    • Creatives in entertainment industry

  • Family Life:

    • Advocates for neurodiversity as a proud mother and wife in a neurodiverse family.

  • Advocacy and Empowerment:

    • Passionately empowers neurodiverse individuals, leveraging both personal and professional experiences offering support .


I cherish


My Family


My Fur Babies

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