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Michelle Diederich
Professional Life Transformational Coach
Facilitator,Trainer and Speaker

Health and Wellness Coach

A.B.A. Practitioner - Tools for Autism

Wellness Specialist

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner

My life is dedicated to my relationship with creator and consciousness first and foremost, and from this primary commitment, all other things flow. I have a lifetime dedicated to my spiritual path. I am committed to my inner and outer work and am continuously evolving into the fullest version of myself. Surviving a life threatening illness I have re birthed myself. In 2011 I created Solace Mist clearing mist. We are in spas and boutiques worldwide. In addition to Solace Mist I have been guided to solidify my career as Professional Life Coach as I embody 12+ years of training and experience, I have a strong commitment to integrity and seek to harmonize my thoughts, words, and deeds in service of all that is good, true, and beautiful. I am accountable for my actions and always seek to offer healing and good without harm. I practice remotely as a professional Life, Health and Wellness Coach with clients from all over the world.

How do you define self care?

What are your beliefs you've built around the term "self care"?

How are you practicing self care during this season of pause?

​​We are all constantly following or ignoring the tiny signals inside of ourselves that either lead us towards who we authentically are or far away from who we are.

When you listen to those signals and honor them, you become happier and more emotionally fulfilled on a deep level. You become yourself, and there is no greater gift than being ourselves in a world that is constantly trying to "likes" to feed the ego. When these signals are ignored, bitterness, resentfulness, tension and anxiety will  depress the soul.

This season of pause we are all in due to Covid 19 has been a priceless opportunity to reevaluate what wasn't working in your life. Most clients I work with now are rethinking career, relationship and life goals. Many have felt even before this pandemic a desire to change one or more components of their life.

Your soul/heart/gut/intuition whispers to you to make a change… then eventually it screams at you to listen to it. When it is ignored time and time again, it becomes despondent and it manifests physical ailments. Your ignored soul must get your attention and you began experiencing chronic pain within your body that shows up as daily panic attacks and depression.


Change is scary, especially because we aren’t taught to expect it or to prepare for it.

Menopause is the "big change" women are taught to expect, but its a mystery to most of us until we have our head in the freezer during a hot flash.  Changes come and go and most of the changes aren't made until a crisis has occurred.

​Did you know you can make these changes without a crisis? We are all in a state of change since Covid. How are you navigating through these changes? Are you listening or finding ways to distract yourself? How are you staying in gratitude?

It’s the time when we lose our identity and become human without all the story that we have added to how we are supposed to look and feel.

Most people resist change in order to keep their identities.

We tell ourselves "Everything will return to normal soon, I will be back to my old self."

We have left the timeline of "normal".

Real transformation has begun, we are now experiencing what it feels like to not know what is going on or who we really are. The foundation that we have depended on is shaken or crumbles. We may feel that everything is falling apart, that we’re losing everyone and everything. In this time of crisis, the largest humanity has ever faced collectively, there are no guidelines. There’s no rule book. There’s no map. Listening is the greatest tool we have.


What are you hearing in your hearts space?

I want to know. I want to hear the story you carry within.

Flower Blossoms
You are transforming
Let's re-evaluate what’s working and what’s not and creates a plan to get you moving in a direction that brings back your happiest life.

Do you have talents and skills, but you aren’t sure how to use them to their full advantage? There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re supposed to do something great, but have little idea what that looks like.


You’re looking for more balance. You’ve known for awhile now that certain areas of your life haven’t been getting the attention they deserve.


Life balance could include areas such as career, relationships, health & fitness, spirituality, time in nature, feeding your passions, and creating more purpose.


If you’ve been feeling off, a discovery call with me is a great direction into bringing your soul into center.

You’ve just had an epiphany that you’ve been living your life all these years by someone else’s standards instead of your own. We can spend years working towards someone else’s goals rarely asking ourselves if this is what we truly want. For some, we get so out of touch of our innermost desires that it can feel like a foreign process even asking the question, “what do I want out of life?” Working with me can be immensely helpful in helping you answer similar questions and designing a life that’s unique to you.
Our session provides you with a safe environment to gain more clarity and insight into remembering who you are as we unravel your destiny.

Are you going through or preparing for a life transition and know you want the next chapter of your life to fulfill your soul desires. You’re ready to make some changes, but you’re not sure what those changes are.

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