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Meet Michelle

My intuitive approach is based on strengthening emotional intelligence while using Cognitive Behavioral Coaching and Acceptance Commitment Coaching which flows into a Co-Creating Coaching environment.


I partner with you shoulder to shoulder on your path and explore with you shining a light on obstacles that stand in your way.


I view each client relationship as a partnership, providing a non-judgmental environment and the accountability needed to create lasting transformation in all areas of life.


What happens when we can meet ourselves in the moment with whatever is there and offer ourselves tenderness without exception.

How are you feeling these days... physically... emotionally... spiritually?

If we look deeply and are honest with ourselves, many of us will concede that there’s more for us to navigate, reflect on, and help change NOW than there was over a year ago — when the world shut down to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Yet, our attitudes, thoughts, and actions may be creating negative energy within and around us, as well as perpetuating the illusion that we are all separate from one another.

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Let's Connect and Explore

The key to identifying and connecting to your purpose so that you can build a life that’s true to your core values.

Tools for recognizing  and understanding the automatic (and predictable) ways of being, thinking, and acting when you are thrown under pressure.

Practices you can start using right away to empower you to respond to stressful situations with greater ease and skill

How to return to your center when under pressure so you’re able to stay connected to what you care about and expand your circles of care and positive impact.