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Discover a world of possibilities with my diverse range of services, designed to enhance your life. Whether you prefer the flexibility of an online course, the camaraderie of small group sessions, weekly flow groups or the personal touch of one-on-one sessions, I offer customized packages to support where you are in your journey. Choose the path that suits you best, and let's connect to improve your life together.

Sessions on Zoom with Michelle Diederich Private Confidental
Emotional Wellness Coaching
Professional Coaching- Remote Sessions with Michelle Diederich
Weekly Flow Groups
Body Doubling
Your Pace of Grace Coaching is a sanctuary where neurodiversity is not only affirmed — it is celebrated. As someone who is neurodiverse, I understand firsthand the unique challenges and extraordinary strengths that come with this distinction. Our coaching embraces the diverse spectrums of the mind, acknowledging the unparalleled potential that lies within each individual's way of interacting with the world. My personal journey through the landscape of neurodiversity informs a compassionate and empathetic approach, offering tailored support that respects your neurological makeup. Here, you’ll find strategies designed to elevate your natural abilities while navigating the social and professional challenges that may arise. In this inclusive space, we champion the idea that being neurodiverse is a profound asset, and we’re committed to unlocking the doors to personal fulfillment and success for every mind."
 Neuroception in Neurodiversity
Soulful Awareness

coaching is what I do best !

Online Course

Self-Paced Learning

From the comfort of your own home, work through over 7 hours of remote sessions at your own pace.

COST: $125


Group Training

Small Group Learning

Join a group of like-minded people on a journey of learning and growth. For those in my local area we meet in person. I also run online sessions for people all around the world. Not only do you get the benefit of my wisdom, but it's a great way to learn from the experience of others at the same time.

COST: $300


One-on-One Sessions

Sometimes you just need a more intensive learning experience. That's exactly what you get with individual coaching. Spread over  three sessions, either in person or via  video call, we work through your goals, what's been holding you back, and how to move forward.

COST: $600

Are you ready to uncover your full potential?

I couldn't be happier with the coaching experience provided by Katie. She has helped me move forward after being stuck in neutral for so long!


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