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Online Coaching Course


The online course is the perfect choice if you aren't able to commit to a particular time for ongoing group or individual sessions. You can begin working through the content whenever you are ready, work at your own pace, and take breaks whenever you need. The material will always be available to you, and you can rewatch sections as you like.

Flexible self-paced learning

Everything you need to know:

What's included:

  • 8 progressive modules

  • 17 hours of video lessons

  • 20 page PDF workbook

  • Revision test for each module

  • Goal planning worksheet

  • Progress chart

  • 3 months of email support

  • Private FB group membership


1.  Why we become stuck

2.  The importance of mindset

3.  Practicing new habits

4.  What is important to you?

5.  Effective goal setting

6.  Developing a plan

7.  Navigating the path

8.  Implementing your new skills

How it works:

Once registered for the course, head to the course page and enter the password provided. You can log in to the course page at any time, your access does not expire.


From the comfort of your own home make your way through the modules, beginning with the basics and building on your knowledge. Work through the included PDF course book and exercises, and revise the content at the end of each module with a short test. 


So what do you think?


This is the ideal tool to help you  move towards a better future. You'll learn skills that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

COST: $125

Special Offer:

Receive 25% off the cost of group sessions or one-on-one coaching if you would like more interactive training on completion of the online course.

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