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Emotional Wellness Coaching

Develop psychological flexibility while developing new skills.

  • 45 minutes
  • 75 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Does life feel overwhelming? Do you feel unheard or unseen? Sometimes it can feel like the pain we hold is impossible to put into words. Other times it feels like our hard-earned words are disregarded, or even suppressed. Our pain takes so many forms. The difference between our expectations and our reality. Feeling disconnected from ourselves and others. Feeling like we are not good enough. My hope is to give you a safe place to explore and connect with your pain, and to promote healing through self-acceptance and self-compassion. Do you want to talk but are afraid you’ll be judged? I believe that each person walks a unique path towards wholeness, my role is to walk that path with you. Each part of the journey has its own challenges, and we will face them together. I tailor sessions to your specific experience and circumstances. There may be new ways to look at what’s bothering you. My approach is: holistic, client-centered, collaborative, creative and strength based. I work along side of clients on their journey toward healing, self-awareness and wholeness by exploring, processing. My practice is a judgment free zone for LGBTQIA+ people. I offer unconditional support as you claim the truth you know. Maybe you need a new understanding of interfering anxiety and depression. Together we can come up with some ideas to try that can help you feel like you have the resources and increased ability to reach your goals. My areas of specialty include emerging adulthood and LGBTQIA identities, life transitions, anxiety and mood issues, and relationship concerns. Everyone benefits from mental health wellness. Sometimes our anxiety, depression, and internal conflicts can affect our relationships with others and the world in which we live. By creating a safe environment for expressing thoughts and feelings, I am able to help those who enter into a professional alliance with me improve general satisfaction in interpersonal relationships and life. I am trained in a variety of healing practices grounded in CBT, DBT and ACT. Focusing on creating a space to be willing to feel those deeper issues, in order to improve and alleviate symptoms, improve interpersonal relationships, and gain better self-understanding.

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